Although Mission One for MVP Studios is to provide productions cost-effective alternatives to the traditional Soundstage, a close second is their commitment to proliferating diversity into the world of film & television production.

MVP Studios is proud to announce they have chosen IT integration leader Zones to head up their IT infrastructure install and management to support the MVP Studios Downtown facility’s leading-edge XR stage and campus-wide networking technologies.

Our goal at MVP Studios is to provide productions an alternative to the traditional Soundstage that raises production value and lowers costs.

JB Vick, MVP Studios Founder & President

Zones brings the expertise and the muscle to allow MVP to stay focused on the prize of managing multiple facilities while servicing their top-tier clients and demonstrating the benefits of virtual production.

About Zones

We are looking to Zones for our IT management while we strive to offer unparalleled production experiences for our clients whether they are looking to implement a practical or virtual production, need to basecamp, rent a few production offices, or simply store their flats and props for later use. Our goal is always to deliver the highest production value for any budget.

Bram Bessoff, MVP Studios VP of Production

Zones, LLC is a global IT solution provider that delivers products and services to help companies make a complete digital transformation – from desktop to the data center – to the cloud and beyond. Zones’ expertise is reflected in their business model focusing on Global Supply Chain as a Service, IT Solutions, Cloud, and Managed Services. They leverage a deep portfolio from top-tier technology brands to enable scalability, security, and efficient IT deployments. They utilize the highest technical certification levels from key partners, including Microsoft, Cisco, Dell Technologies, HP Inc., HPE, Apple, Intel, and others. Zones operates in more than 100 countries, with multiple regional and executive offices, several distribution facilities, IT partners, and several service affiliates worldwide. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and holder of an elite Corporate Plus Certification, we’ve proven our ability to support many of the world’s largest corporations. For additional information, visit the company’s website at

 Interested in bringing your production to MVP Downtown, want to tour the facility or learn more about XR technologies, contact the studio anytime to schedule an appointment.