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MVP Studios

About JB

JB Vick is the founder and CEO of MVP Studios. Through persistence and good luck, MVP now represents two of the coolest production facilities in Atlanta. We have over 75,000 SF of furnished, modern offices, ready to rent today. We have hundreds of unique locations and loads of large warehouse space with ceilings that exceed 28 ft in places.  Our studios have two things in common….the very best locations in the city. We are genuine pieces of Americana that have what your production needs.

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JB's Story


Early Years

JB got his first taste of the entertainment industry as Ted Turner's personal pilot. With hours of flight time logged, JB gained invaluable insights from the media mogul himself. With a voracious appetite for the history of Atlanta, JB has extensive knowledge of the ``gems in the rough`` when it comes to available commercial property in the metro Atlanta area and is often the first to find the next great production space often overlooked by many in the business.

Origin Story

JB met Bram at ATL Tech Village in 2017. Deciding to bring music rehearsal back to Atlanta they aided in passing the GA Music Investment Act. Knowing large-scale live music productions, second only to film, would bring the greatest economic impact to Georgia, they focused on creating the South's first Tour Origination Facility and launched their first venture GTO Live.
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MVP Legacy

JB led the search for an ideal property, discovering Lot 108, the two quickly repurposed its unique interconnected 250K SF space for film production. Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming kicked things off and the facility has been hosting blockbuster feature films, TV movies, episodics, and music videos ever since.
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Gone Virtual

In 2019, MVP opened Zep to meet the growing demand with 500K SF of unique and authentic production space as an affordable and artistic alternative to traditional soundstages.
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Next Move

Stepping into the New Normal of production, MVP plans to bring the first Smart Stage to Georgia. By using Gaming Engines, HD Video Walls, and Automated Cameras, virtually any location comes to you while enhancing production value with authentic on-screen performances and real ambient lighting.


By replacing Chroma Key with real-time CG rendered scenery, productions can increase artistic quality, speed up timelines and reduce location shooting and post-production costs.


The addition of a smart stage to the virtual studios model will serve as the flagship of MVP's commitment to the innovation of filmmaking, production, and the creative arts of Georgia.
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Our goal at MVP Studios is to provide productions an alternative to the traditional Soundstage that raises production value and lowers costs.
JB Vick, MVP Studios
MVP Studios brings the authenticity and history of Atlanta to your production by providing some of the most unique spaces others never considered to be used for film production. The result is unique spaces that make your production come alive and provide myriads of creative choices without moving locations.
JB Vick, MVP Studios
One of the major differentiators that makes MVP Studios virtual is our Studio Locations. Part Soundstage and part location, our facilities can serve all aspects of a production's needs and spread across Atlanta providing different looks and amenities for any type of production and budget.
JB Vick, MVP Studios

Watch My Favorite Moments at Zep Studios

We have hosted so many amazing productions at Zep Studios, here are some clips showing this versatile facility in action.