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The best thing about being a virtual studio is the hundreds of unique locations MVP has across Atlanta to fulfill your wildest imagination.
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Sprawling spaces with the most unique aesthetics that bring a genuine look to your production that standard soundstages cannot provide all within the greater downtown Atlanta area.
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MVP Studios is bringing leading-edge technologies to provide more production value for less.
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Top names in the industry return time and time again to produce their feature films, episodics, music videos and new media content because of our unique spaces, flexible scheduling and competitive pricing compared to traditional studios.

MVP Studios represents some of the very best in Film and TV production locations in Georgia. We have hundreds of unique locations, from modern to turn of the century, from massive warehouses with soaring ceilings to furnished offices. All designed and priced especially for our industry.

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Our goal at MVP Studios is to provide productions an alternative to the traditional Soundstage that raises production value and lowers costs.
JB Vick, MVP Studios
Through our efforts at MVP Studios, we are pushing innovations in production for film, music, and digital entertainment with a goal of uniting our creative communities to position Georgia as a production capital of the world.
Bram, MVP Studios
MVP Studios brings the authenticity and history of Atlanta to your production by providing some of the most unique spaces others never considered to be used for film production. The result is unique spaces that make your production come alive and provide myriads of creative choices without moving locations.
JB Vick, MVP Studios
The future of film production is here. Imagine everything you need in one place, virtually any location in the world... and beyond. If you can imagine it, we can help maximize budgets while raising the production value of your next project.
Bram, MVP Studios
One of the major differentiators that makes MVP Studios virtual is our Studio Locations. Part Soundstage and part location, our facilities can serve all aspects of a production's needs and spread across Atlanta providing different looks and amenities for any type of production and budget.
JB Vick, MVP Studios

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