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About Bram

Bram has 25-years experience in the entertainment industry spanning across film production & location management, live music & tour production, artist & talent development, professional touring drummer, creative director and business developer. Founder of the artist development company Indiehitmaker, Bram has served as President of non-profit organizations Backstage Economic Alliance supporting film, music and digital entertainment creators, President of the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival and currently sits on the advisory board for The Labz MusicTech startup, South Plains College of Commercial Arts and SEA Atlanta.

Bram Bessoff

Bram's Journey


Origin Story

Bram met JB at ATL Tech Village in 2017. Deciding to bring music rehearsal back to Atlanta they aided in passing the GA Music Investment Act. Knowing large-scale live music productions, second only to film, would bring the greatest economic impact to Georgia, they focused on creating the South's first Tour Origination Facility and launched their first venture GTO Live.

MVP Legacy

In search of an ideal property, the two discovered Lot 108, quickly repurposing its unique interconnected 250K SF for film production. Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming kicked things off and the facility has been hosting blockbuster feature films, TV movies, episodics, and music videos ever since.
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Uniting ATL

To further support the film & music tax credits, Bram started Georgia Production Day (2019) uniting creators and legislators to show the production prowess of Georgia's Film, Music, and Digital Ent communities by hosting a full-scale live production at the State Capitol's Liberty Plaza.
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Go Virtual

In 2019, MVP opened Zep to meet growing production demands with 500K SF of unique and authentic production space providing an affordable and artistic alternative to traditional soundstages.
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MVP, prepared for production in the New Normal, is building the South's first Smart Stage. Gaming Engines, HD Video Walls, and Automated Cameras will bring the location to the soundstage, better engage talent, and capture more authentic performances in real ambient light to enhance overall production value.

The Smart

Smart Stages replace the inefficiencies of Chroma Key with real-time CG rendered scenery allowing productions to increase artistic quality, speed up project timelines, and reduce location shooting and post-production costs.


The MVP Smart Stage, opening early 2021, will stand as the flagship of MVP ``Virtual`` Studios' ongoing commitment to innovations in filmmaking, production, and the creative arts across Georgia and the industry as a whole.
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Through our efforts at MVP Studios, we are pushing innovations in production for film, music, and digital entertainment with a goal of uniting our creative communities to position Georgia as a production capital of the world.
Bram, MVP Studios
The future of film production is here. Imagine everything you need in one place, virtually any location in the world... and beyond. If you can imagine it, we can help you produce it all at a cost that will raise the production value of your next project.
Bram, MVP Studios
The sum is greater than the parts. To me, that's what film production is all about. I love the level of collaboration required. It takes a community of talented, passionate, and like-minded creators to turn a good story into a great film. Comparable to playing in a band. A talented musician can make a beautiful sound with just one note all alone... But there is nothing more powerful than a band hitting the same note precisely at the same time.
Bram, MVP Studios

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Favorite Moment at Lot 108

We were so lucky to host Stranger Things S2 & S3 at Lot 108. The set built for S was one of the most incredible ever to grace this facility. When production was complete, we had a little fun...