MVP Studios represents some of the very best in Film and TV production locations in Georgia. We have hundreds of unique locations, from modern to turn of the century, from massive warehouses with soaring ceilings to furnished offices. All designed and priced especially for our industry.

Part Soundstage
Our facilities are soundstages with attitude & style. Unique and genuine, each space becomes part of your set.
Part Location
Our interior and exterior locations provide unlimited looks and angles bringing you a fresh look over and over again.
Total Freedom
Customize or augment our spaces as you see fit or simply use the authenticness to reduce set dec costs.
Unlimited Options
Our virtual studios are a soundstage, location, and basecamp all in one fulfilling all your production needs.
What's a Virtual Studio?
The term ``Virtual`` has many meanings to MVP and constantly changing.

{We are not:} A traditional studio tied to one physical location with massively expensive soundstages, large property leases, and high overheads.

{We are:} A hybrid of locations that serve as soundstages. Our ``Studio Locations`` enhance productions by providing authentic and unique spaces as an alternative to traditional sound stages saving you time and money. Need a room with patina walls? We got it. Need a secret lair, lab or industrial space? We got it. If any of our Studio Locations do not fit your vision as is, you can virtually do anything you can think of to enhance or augment each space to meet your most demanding creative needs.

{We are not:} Just for feature films

{We are:} A full-service production company meant for all production disciplines including music, digital entertainment, live events, esports, new media, VR & AR production and so much more .

What's an XR Stage?
XR (Extended Reality) is the next evolution in film production making the location virtual. What's better than spending a large portion of your budget on scouting locations or flying, hiring, and boarding multiple crews around the world? Bringing the location to you. Virtually any location, even those in your imagination. With leading-edge technologies, XR removes the need for Chroma Key by integrating CG rendered location scenery into the filming process in real-time utilizing high definition LED walls, specialized camera tracking systems and who;e bunch of computing power. The result is enhanced production value and massive reductions in post-production time and expenditures.
How Does MVP Save Productions Money?
As an alternative to traditional costly soundstages, MVP Studio Locations are fess less expensive per square foot, offer a built-in look to reduce set design, and can serve as production offices, basecamp, multiple locations and soundstage all at once. As always, your production is eligible for Georgia's film tax incentives when using any of MVP's virtual studios.
How Do Georgia's Tax Incentives Work?
There are several criteria required for your film, music, or digital entertainment production to qualify for Georgia's film tax incentives. To learn more, visit or call the Georgia Department of Economic Development at 404-962-4000. MVP Studios can assist you with the redemption process once you have been approved and begin production in any of our virtual studios.