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Ola’s prime objective is to reduce economic disparity for minorities and joined MVP as an art education provider for programmers and artists, focusing on virtual and physical education to empower women and minorities for job readiness. Ola has been in education for fifteen years and received her MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Dramatic Media from the University of Georgia. Ola has worked as an artist in animation, gaming, motion capture, virtual reality, web design, and self-proclaimed investigator of new technologies. She received an AEGIS award for video and film production and has been published in 3D World Magazine. As project manager for a team of fourteen developers creating video game modifications for the XBOX development kit, her submission was one of only two accepted to the XBOX development program in the state of Georgia.  As Project Lead in Web Development for Hartwell Industries, she increased the company’s sales by over $4M and consulted for Blue Heat Games, specializing in motion capture applications for mobile phones.

We will accomplish our goal of Reducing Economic Disparity for Minorities through workshops, boot camps, locally hosted group meetings, and industry meetups to empower artistic growth through Unreal Engine training and practical applications of XR Smart Stage technologies
Ola, MVP Studios
Here's what I say to all my students... COMMIT. LEARN. SUCCEED.
Ola, MVP Studios
As an African American Woman, I'm a part of an industry dominated by people who do not look like me and it is a very lonely space. I intend to change this disparity by simply introducing the training tools needed to embrace virtual production technologies to minorities so they can succeed in this new paradigm.
Ola, MVP Studios

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My solution to fix the economic disparity in the arts & entertainment world is to empower minority creators with the technology, training, and tools needed to find success in the ever-evolving world of virtual production.